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Welcome to Kindestmilk!

After some brainstorming, my brand's logo "Kindestmilk" was born. Being German, I initially played with the German word "Kinder", meaning "children", since mother's milk is intended for children.

However, I soon realized that calling the brand "Kindermilk" would violate the World Health Organization Code of marketing of breastmilk substitutes (there is a formula milk by the name of "Kindermilk")!

Choosing "Kindestmilk" as the brand's name may not represent children's milk . The logo now rather illustrates that when it comes to infant feeding, mother's milk is the "kindest" milk there is for human infants (as it is species- specific)!

My mission is to share practical, concrete and easy to apply breastfeeding tips to help you achieve your personal breastfeeding goal.

Once you have purchased the course, the breast anatomy will no longer be blurred in subsequent videos. All parts of the breast anatomy will be displayed in order to facilitate optimal learning. Thank you!

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